Data Is Only As Good As Your Ability To Manage It.

InjuryTrak Provides the Innovative Technology You Need to Receive and Manage Your Personal Injury Data

InjuryTrak is Far More than Data Collection Software:

It is a complete Data Management System that puts you in control of how you use, store, track and analyze your data.

  • App Based Platform

    Manage & Receive your data from anywhere. With an app based platform you can access your account from any PC or mobile device. 


    Data, when and where you need it 24/7.


  • SMS Capabilities

    Attorneys, do you want to help your potential clients know their rights and how you can help quickly? Use our SMS system, capable of the full "Know Your Rights" disclaimer and more.  

    Doctors, easily send appointment confirmations and reminders.

  • CSV Mail Merge

    With two quick clicks your data is ready to upload to your preferred mail merge system.

    You are in complete control of how the data is sorted and transferred for labels, reports etc. Mailings have never been easier.

  • Data Management

    Managing Data has never been easier than with InjuryTrak. You start with the most timely data, delivered to your device 24/7 and have the ability to track, measure and archive your data from start to the close of your case.

    State compliance is built in to the platform with no additional record keeping required.  

  • Statewide Coverage

    With 24/7 monitoring of all 88 counties, you are never limited to data from one area, zip code or county. You choose the radius that best fits your needs and regardless of where the accident happens in the state, you will receive the crash report information for the people residing in your chosen area.

  • Reduces Overhead Costs

    This turn-key automated system cuts your overhead costs from day one in manpower hours alone. Everything from the delivery of the crash report to the completion of the case is managed in one platform.  

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